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Notes from the Underground is home to Birmingham based Illustrator Emma Lyons.

I will use this as a space to collect together all the things that inspire me. Others are free to contribute both their own work and pieces they think deserve a mention. All content on this website belongs to its respective owner.

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23 year old Visual Communication graduate, specialising in Illustration, Of Birmingham Institute of Art & Design. You can find examples of my work here...


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I want to know David Smith’s story from start to finish about the conception and design of his magnificent work of art that became the Born and Raised album cover. I’m sure JM had lots of involvement in the design…I need to know it all.


see ok

I’m sorry the little inner voice in my head is going balistic right now.

I had previously thought this was done digitally. 

It clearly wasn’t, and that fills me with both anxiety and delight.


it has filigree

and scroll work

and I love it


i want


hOw BiG wAs ThE sCaNnEr OOMMGGG???!!


The Tissue Series are a collection of anatomical cross sections using quilled paper, created by Lisa Nilsson


by lucy macleod

(Source: gildings)


these rings are cool.

(Source: a-madeus)


Apologies for my stunned silence in the face of the Kony 2012 movement and the internet’s explosion of power. I’ve never felt like the whole internet has simultaneously pushed down the same keys at the same time. Not even the response to SOPA made me feel this level of…

Stop Kony. Raise awareness.kony2012.com 

Stop Kony. Raise awareness.

Stop Kony! Help raise awareness.Kony2012.com 

Stop Kony! Help raise awareness.